Dare to Be Square- Dachshund Quilt

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(photo by Tell Tale Threads on Flickr)

One of the main reasons I bougnt the book Dare To Be Square Quilting was because of the I'm a Wiener! baby quilt design and the easy to understand instructions in the first few chapters. I really love the idea of making this quilt for upcoming baby showers, but Tell Tale Threads has outdone us by combining two of the patterns into one larger quilt as a "thank-you" for a friend. Can I be your friend too??

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Not only is the entire quilt surrounded by smaller dachshunds, but if you look closely the fabric used in the squares has images of dachshunds in it also! Very cute and a great way to use up a stash of fun prints you've been saving!

Lucys quilts 5547271026_ac03e35730_b

Here's a photo from Lucysquilts with the original size of the pattern if you are looking for a bit smaller blanket. Really wonderful craftsmanship that I doubt I can match, but so fun to look at!

Reggieana 5045704750_1abc052cf9_b

It just keeps getting better too, take a look at this quilt from Reggieana on Flickr. This color scheme has to be my favorite so far.