Pet QR Tag- Mobile Dog Tag

2011-05-08 NH Pet QR Tag 1

Last week PetSimply had an offer on a new I.D. tag using a QR (Quick Response) reader from Pet QR Tag so I thought I would give it a try. The tag has a reader on one side that when scanned provides an encoded web address with your pets personal information. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up on the site and you can even include a photo of your pet for reference. The other side of the tag includes standard information on how to scan the tag and a full web address. If you'd like more customization you can have your information engraved on the back also. Your web page on the site can be updated at any time!

So, we tried it out today and it took a few tries to get the reader to work, but I was able to bring up his site and see all the information at once! My only complaint is that the tag is large, a little over an inch so it is great for large and medium sized dogs, posssibly too big for the litte guys.

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