Daily Deals for Dogs

Daily Dog Deals

I think I may need to come up with a separate email account just for the daily deals I've signed up for lately! It's overloading my In-box, yikes! This past week I found even more sites that cater to the four-legged world, as well as some new deals from places like Blackboard Eats and Scoutmob.

But now for the dog deals:

  1. Doggy Loot where you can save 50-90%.

  2. Pet Simply- features new products and has some amazing deals, plus they seem more consistent about actually featuring a deal daily. I buy from here quite a bit and so far this site is my favorite.

  3. Barking Deals- really nice place to go if you are into Kong products.

  4. Coupawz- I just signed up for this but I like their products so far.

  5. My Daily Woof- I'm not sure if this one if really popular or what, but every time I go on they are already sold out of the feature item. Hmm, maybe I should shoot them an email?

There are other coupon sites like...

  1. My Pet Savings- lots of coupons to browse through.

  2. Barkworthy Bargains- they post at 8:00 a.m. MT for that day's deal.

Let's all give a big round of applause though to Groupon and Living Social for making everyone else step up to the plate and give us a whole new way to shop!