Dyson Groom Attachment- Newfoundland's New Friend!

Dyson Groom Attachment from Robin Welter on Vimeo.

A while back Dyson was nice enough to send us their new Dyson Groom tool to try out on Foyle and this weekend we finally were able to use it. I got it right before Foyle went into surgery so this weekend was the first time in a few months that he had a proper bath and blow dry so we thought we'd give the Groom tool a try and see how well it worked. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that it worked so well! Check out the video above to see how the brush and the suction work together.

2011-06-12 NH Dyson Groom 5

The main complaint I've heard so far is that some dogs are afraid of the vacuum so it's hard to even get started. Not Foyle! He patiently sat and just sniffed at the tool until I started brushing. I wanted to make sure it wouldn't scare him first, but there were no issues with the noise or the brush.

2011-06-12 NH Dyson Groom 1

You actually have to press down a button on the back of the tool to get the brush to come out and I didn't think it would be long enough for his coat, but it worked really well! The only thing that I didn't like was that you couldn't lock the bristles in place while you were brushing and with a Newfoundland brushing takes a looooong time and your finger starts to hurt after a while.

2011-06-12 NH Dyson Groom 2

Here you can see the hair collected in the brush, the hole in the middle is where it gets sucked into the vacuum.

2011-06-12 NH Dyson Groom 3

Release and button and poof! It's gone in a second!

2011-06-12 NH Dyson Groom 4

We filled the canister up in no time at all! Success! This is good for long coated breeds but a little too large to use on the dachshunds and smaller dogs.