2011 NCNC Picnic

2011-06-20 Hula Walk 2

The other weekend we went down to the South Bay to join in on our yearly club picnic, and I have to say it was the best one yet! We had around 32 dogs and twice as many people enjoying a nice, but very warm, day eating, talking and playing games. The one above tested your handling and obedience skills; it was musical chairs except with hula hoops and every time the music stopped you had to get your dog to sit in the hoop. We were all rooting for the kids but at the last minute an older guy with his dog raced across the lawn and into the hoop seconds before the kids could get their dogs in! Is that fair?

2011-06-18 Hot Dog Warm Up 1   2011-06-18 NCNC Picnic Hot Dog 2 copy

We kicked off the party with the hot dog toss, and of course Nikki (who is on the left )got in a few practice sessions before the line up! Little by little we narrowed it down to the last two and Chloe took the lead! Finally it was down to two dogs and Chloe snapped it in from a throw over 10 feet away.

2011-06-18 Tshirt contest 3 copy

The best contest of the day though was the t-shirt contest which all the kids seemed to have the most fun participating in. Do you know how hard it is to get a t-shirt and 4 socks on a Newfoundland? It's pretty difficult, mainly because your are laughing so hard while you are doing it.

2011-06-18 Tshirt contest Chloe

Well, once again it was Chloe coming down the line to win the t-shirt contest and managed to keep all 4 socks on while she ran! She was the superstar of the day and I'm sure Amy was quite proud of her.

2011-06-18 NCNC Picnic Foyle

Foyle felt he wasn't getting enough attention at the picnic so he flopped on his back and demanded a belly rub in exchange for his Crazy Eyes impersonation. After our fill of barbecue and games we packed up and headed out for a long awaited nap. Now that's a good day.