Boett Reflective Gear for Dogs


Earlier this week a deal popped up on Petsimply that I just couldn't refuse because I have been looking for a reflective strip to put on and take off of our leashes as you need them for sooooo long! Boett Reflective Gear to the rescue! Boett is a Swedish company that has developed reflective products for dogs, cats, and horses that are flexible enough to be taken on and off with ease, and any time you need them.


Petsimply had an offer on these reflective Leash Extenders that you just hook on to the end of your leash so I snapped one up pretty quickly, and then made my husband buy one too so we had an extra! I'm also excited to see the reflective collar and the velcro leash reflector  that I attempted to make myself once....which is why I'm buying one soon. If you can't find it in your local store let them know that they should carry Boett products, for now you can find them here at the Boett shop.