Dolan Geiman- Mixed Media Artwork- Salvaged Dogs

Dog Walk Collection

(all pictures via Dolan Geiman on Etsy)

There are days like today when you feel so lucky that sites like Etsy exist because you discover artists like Dolan Geiman! Geiman is a reknown mixed media artist that strives to use recycled and salvaged materials to make a unique southern-urban (Sourban?!) style of artwork. I am saving my pennies for this original from his Dog Walk Collection which also comes horizontal, and can be customized as you wish!

Horizontal Dog Walk Collection

Geiman also works with collages, mixed media, and prints on wood that all reflect a style that doesn't stray far from one medium to another, but stays unique and fresh each time. Check out their website and on Facebook!

Dog show box print on wood
Dog Show Box Print