Put It Up With Silly Dog Magnets

  Silly Dog Mag Long Hair   Silly Dog Mag Newf

My window shopping venture on Etsy brought me to a new dog illustrator, Brianna Lennox, from central Kanssas! I loved the fact that she not only had hand drawn Newfoundland Magnets, but she also had a marvelous collection of dachshund magnets like the Longhair hounds above. They are so colorful and the artwork is fun and vibrant so it will definitely add a spark to your fridge or magnet strip!

  Silly Dog Mag Wheelchair Dach  Silly Dog Mag Dach Sweater

I really like the whimsical aspect of her dachshund magnets and there are so many to chose from! How about the Dachshund in a Wheel Chair, or the Silly Sweater? Come on, we're all guilty of putting our hound dogs in a sweater or two!

Silly Dog Mag Wire Silly Dog Mag Smooth Dach

How about the Wirehair? But we can't leave out the Smooth or else there just wouldn't be a weiner dog now would there? Looking for a different breed? Check out Brianna's Etsy shop and see what you can find!


Here is Brianna with her own sweet dapple!