Feel Better, Little Buddy - Banish The Blahs

Feel better cover

I was browsing through Modcloth tonight when I came across this book, Feel Better, Little Buddy and immediately an "awwww" slipped out causing three hound heads to pop up from their stupor. Written by Julia Segal, who is a stand-up comedian and writer in New York city, this book offers enduring get-well stories about animals making it through a rough time and coming out the other end in a cast.


Heidi Lane Toby

If you know someone who is feeling blue, or even has a broken body part afflicted with plaster then this is one book that will hopefully put a smile on their face. Full color pages with sweet success stories covering a wide range of animals like dogs, bunnies, and even a turtle! Such little animals with little casts, how do they do it? I can barely get a sweater to stay on sometimes.