Halloween in July

2011-07-25 NH Foyle Halloween 1

2011-07-25 NH Foyle Halloween 2

Apparently this week is Halloween for Foyle! He found his pink pumpkin from last year during a closet purge and now he wants to carry it everywhere. He'll just sit there with it in his mouth waiting for someone to fill it up with his treats. Now I remember why I hid it in the closet in the first place!

Once it's filled he'll run over to the couch and throw it off the edge to get the treats to fall out. It's like watching a crow sitting on top of an electrical line and repeatedly drop a nut on the ground to crack it open. It's a bad habit I started with him last year, and he knows that I'll fill it up just to get him, or rather the two of them, to stop staring at me. I love the fact that it is pink though.