Shake & Rattle- It's the 4th of July!

  Flickr Dog Therapist Steve Mann
(Image from on Flickr)

Our 4th of July weekend started yesterday with a great barbecue at a friend's house where I ate way too much, including this delicious She's a Grand Old Lasagna, and then home to two dachshunds shaking so hard I thought their eyes were going to rattle out of their heads. Yes, the local firework shows had started a day early which means that tonight it will be even worse!  This afternoon I actually found Hazel hiding under the front porch so I'm going to read up on this article, Dealing With Firework Anxiety, from Victoria Stilwell and these 10 Tips to Help Your Dog Get Through July 4th from Dogster. Now, I have 4 more hours to get everyone ready for the big event! Have a great time tonight but please make sure your dogs are safe at home.