Teach A Dog To "Hold"- The Consequences

2011-07-05 Holey Ball

When you train your dog to do a certain behavior you are thinking that you are doing the best thing in the world, and when your dog is finally consistent in the behavior you think that you are the greatest trainer in the world! Right.....um, maybe. One behavior that is a must if you want to do water work with your Newfoundland is the "hold". In Foyle's case I used the Hol-ee Roller ball to teach him to hold onto an object without letting go. So far the training has gone really well and he's able to hold until we ask him to drop it.

Now for the consequences. As you can see in the pictures we've bought them in multiple colors and sizes because they are his favorite. So much so that he will bring every single Hol-ee ball he has to you to try and get it filled with treats. If that doesn't work then he starts to bring any object he can get a hold of, and this weekend it happened to be his Kong, the Rubber Maid bowl, a shoe box, and finally back to the Hol-ee ball again. Annoying, but funny because he'll just stand there and stare you down with what we call the Jedi mind trick until you cave in. In my case the Jedi mind trick only takes about 2 minutes. I'm weak, and he's been practicing.

2011-07-05 Holey Ball on Couch 1 2011-07-05 Holey Ball on Couch 2

And here is the conquering Newfoundland with his prized xtra-large Hol-ee Roller filled with bread, eating it on our couch so the crumbs get ground in as much as possible. That's where the hounds come in. They hover like vultures just below until he's done and then jump up to finish off the job. My clean up crew does a pretty good job, now only if I could train them to clean up my room.