Renegade Craft Fair - Saturday's Shopping Spree

2011-07-09 RCF Silva Poetry

We spent this afternoon wandering the isles of the Renegade Craft Fair finding amazing handmade prints, drooling over jewelry, searching for dog related items, and looking all over for Silvi from The Poetry Store for a custom poem. I showed her a picture of Foyle drooling all over himself and she asked me a few more questions about him, then asked me to chose a piece of paper from her drawer. Soon she was ready to type and here is his poem:

ready to go

for Foyle

oh, you are ready to go,

salivating like

ropes ready to be grabbed

to mush me and you

into new found lands

where laughter

flows like the joy

in your mouth.

Sweet, huh? How she could make drool sound so sweet is truly an art. But what a great piece to add to his Bear Wall! The Bear Wall all started because people think it is funny to call him a "bear" (we're actually starting to count the number on our walks now), and it is hard to find Newfoundland artwork so we're on the hunt for bears instead.

  2011-07-09 NH RCF Aroo Studio

Aroo Studio had colorful collars in great new prints

2011-07-09 NH RCF Graze Organic

Graze Organic featured Diggs the Dog Napkins

2011-07-09 NH RCF Berkeley Illustration

Berkeley Illustration had incredibly cool Bear Detective digital print that I think I'm going to have to order soon, along with a few other prints like the Strelka the Space Dog and Fuzzy Cat Print

2011-07-09 NH RCF 2

It's a great time to stock up on stationery like this one...but unfortunately I didn't pick up the business card so if anyone knows who the vendor is please tell me!

The craft fair goes on through Sunday so if you didn't get a chance to go today then you have one more day! Get there early because parking can be tricky, and wear good walking shoes because you'll want to take your time looking at all the vendors. Have a great time and tell me what fun dog presents you found!