Vacation Memories

2011-08-06 NH La Conner 2011-08-06 NH Seattle Farm

2011-08-06 NH Seattle Ice Cream 2011-08-06 NH Seattle DJ

2011-08-06 NH Seattle guest 2011-08-06 NH Seattle Flower

2011-08-06 NH Seattle Wedding Cake  2011-08-06 Seattle Wedding Coop

2011-08-06 NH Seattle Trophy Cake 2011-08-06 NH Seattle Serious Pie

The Sunday blues hit hard this week because we had such a great vacation up in Seattle last week. We went to a fabulous, fun wedding in Mt. Vernon, WA and had a great time relaxing and letting loose, we actually won the dance-off if you can believe it! We stayed at The Heron Inn & Day Spa and which has an incredibly nice staff, to the point where they even made a gluten free breakfast for everyone, and it was good! After the wedding we headed down to Seattle and stopped by Trophy Cupcakes for the most incredible tasting Chocolate Graham Cracker cupcake which I highly recommend. Then to top off our glutony we ate dinner at Serious Pie where a friend recommended the chanterelle and crimini mushroom and truffle cheese and I think it took us a mere two minutes to polish off because it was so good. Overall a great vacation but now we're back in work mode and blog mode so stay tuned.