TPLO Surgery - Take Two

2011-08-18 NH Foyle TPLO 2 Sleeping

2011-08-20 NH TPLO 2 Toe Tap 2011-08-18 NH Foyle TPLO 2 Xray

So this is why I haven't been posting lately, I've been taking care of Foyle after his TPLO surgery last month and although the left leg went much better than the right leg as far as the surgery goes, it seems like he's needed more attention than last time. It's been warm here so we've been sleeping next to him on the couch because he's been wanting to get up in the middle of the night to go outside and sleep on the porch to cool down. Considering this is the only way to get him to sleep, even with the fans on him, we've been letting him go outside when he needs to chill out. Literally. The pictures above are his first few days home where he was in pain and all he wanted to do was sleep and give us the dirty eye. The second on the left is the "toe tap" which is a good sign when he starts to put a little weight on the leg, and the picture on the right if of the plate and screws used in the surgery. 

2011-08-29 NH TPLO 2 Kim 2011-08-29 NH TPLO 2 sleeping

The second week we went back in to get his kidneys checked and unfortunately the creatinine level went up to 4.1 which was over the doctor's comfort level so he had to stay overnight for a round of fluids to try and flush the kidneys out and drop that level back down. I was already exhausted from waking up every few hours so hearing that seemed like another punch in the face, but we've had him stable for so long that we couldn't give up and agreed that it would help. Luckily it dropped his creatinine down to 3.7, close to where he was before surgery. Appetite is always an issue with Foyle when he is on antibiotics so here's Kim on the left, his favorite tech in the world, getting him to eat for her. Then another week of sleeping and resting the leg, but for some reason he's found it more comfortable to sleep half way off of his bed!

2011-09-18 NH TPLO 2 Week 4_3

Now we are at the end of week 4, almost to week 5 of his recovery and he's doing incredibly well, he's absolutely ravenous (ya!), and moving around better than we could have expected. Well enough to jump on the couch when we aren't looking which is not a good thing! Yikes! Now that the right leg is fixed he's stronger than ever and he's broken out of every crate, x-pen, and enclosure we've put him in (which is now a grand total of 5!) so we've just let him lay around the house under supervision. So, 4 more weeks of recovery, 8 weeks of physical therapy, and then he is as good as new! I can't wait for him to be able to play and swim and be a "normal" dog again!