Splish Splash Hounds Were Takin' a Bath

2011-09-25 NH Hazel Bath

The dachshunds can't resist an after bath rub down - on the furniture of course! This is Hazel's favorite chair in the house and it's where she goes to rub off the clean, fresh smell of her bath to try and get back some of the stink that makes a hound a hound! Now this doesn't bode well for the furniture so we've decided that leather is the way to go from now on. It's so much easier to keep clean, just wipe off the hair and the drool and you are good to go!

Chesterfield pottery barn

Now, for that perfect couch....easier said than done but the Chesterfield Leather Sofa from Pottery Barn looks like it is already broken in which is great because you can hide the scratches.

Collins leather sofa

Then there is the Collins Leather Sofa from Restoration Hardware which is really enticing because it comes in two different depths, the Luxe depth is a grand 44" deep! Great for having all the dogs, and eventually us, sitting on it at the same time. I think of this as the perfect TV couch because you can all pile into it and fall asleep without waking up to a kink in your back, and your neck, and your...


But the reality will probably be the Stockholm Couch from Ikea. Practical, easy to find, and if it really does get a hole or two in it we would more than likely be able to replace it without crying too much.