A New Meaning For Rehab - 12 Step Program for Foyle?

2011-09-27 NH TPLO 2 rehab2

Tonight is week 6 of the TPLO recovery and we discovered a new meaning for the word "rehab" in relation to Foyle's surgery! For the past two days I've had an uneasy feeling that something wasn't quite right with Foyle, call it mother's intuition but he didn't seem himself to me at all. It seemed to come on suddenly Monday morning which made me feel even more worried because he was perfectly fine on Sunday to the point where I had to lock him out of my room to get some work done.

Something strange was going on though and his moodiness and lethargy lead me to think that his creatinine and BUN levels were starting to increase again because he becomes very sedate and doesn't want to eat when he isn't feeling good, but what baffled me was that he was still eating pretty well.

2011-09-27 NH TPLO 2 rehab
This morning he was still a little groggy so I shot an email over to my vet saying that I thought something was off and he's just not quite himself and if I didn't see an improvement at lunch then I wanted to bring him in. I walked him at lunch and although he was happy to get out for some fresh air his head was hanging so low I thought he was going to kick himself in the nose.

After a few more emails of "do I, or don't I?" I decided to take him into the ER after work and have them do another blood test to see if he had gotten worse. His favorite tech, Kim, actually stayed past her shift to see him and make sure he was ok, that's how good his team is! I swear though, waiting for the results of this test is a nightmare because it is never good news, until tonight! Luckily he's at the same, 3.9, and he wasn't dehydrated, he was eating treats and slobbering all over Kim, begging for more so what could it be?

The doctor looked at him and said "You look a little depressed!" Then the light came on! As we were running through the plethora of medications he has been taking the doctor thought that he may actually be addicted to his painkillers (Tramadol) from the surgery and is going through withdrawal! We started giving him 1/2 a tablet less on Sunday and that little reduction brought back the pain for the past few days. (yes, now I feel guilty)

Now he'll not only be going to rehab for his leg next week but I'll have to find him a 12 step program as well! Poor big boy. Lesson learned though; you know your dog the best and if you think that he/she isn't feeling well or is just "a bit off" then there could be something wrong. It's always worth checking it out.