The Dachshunds In Treatment

2011-09-28 NH Hazel_Nooner 3

There is a short time frame during the day when I have enough light in my house to take photographs which makes it difficult to get decent pictures of the dogs and especially frustrating when you are blogging. But on this day the light hit just right and I had an amazing session with Nooner and Hazel! They were both sitting on the Bertoia chair watching the world go by out the window; a relaxing and quiet morning for a change.

2011-09-28 NH Hazel_Nooner 4

Hazel and Nooner are half sisters, they have the same mother, but have very different personalities. Nooner is incredibly shy with other people (genetic trait from their mother combined with lack of socialization until we got her at 7 months old) but is a goofball at home, she is the most loving of the four dogs and is always snuggling up in our faces making little piglet noises. Nooner is the one that wants to play all the time and loves to tease Foyle. She'll lick his nose or mouth and then when he wants to play she'll nip him!

2011-09-28 NH Hazel_Nooner 2

Hazel is the "princess" of the group, much calmer and more social than Nooner although she was a shy puppy also. Her attitude is that you are here for her, to do as she wishes when she wishes. Have you seen the video of Fenton? Well, we've had our own Fenton moments so we're currently working on her recall! She is my only AKC champion and I really didn't think I was going to finish her until she ended up in Group one day and heard people clapping for her, then she turned it on and loved showing after that! She finished in one weekend with two back to back majors! But she is very stoic, sweet, and a great little hunter!