Newfoundland Pancakes

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2012-01-20 NH Pancakes 2

What to do on a rainy day? What to do......Newfie pancakes! I finally broke down and bought the pancake pen to experiment with after seeing it in a Williams Sonoma magazine over Christmas. It takes a few tries to get it to look decent, but after three pancakes I think I had it down. I would recommend drawing out your design ahead of time or else you'll be like me and waste a lot of batter. The first step is to make your outline, let it cook by itself for about 15-30 seconds. Second step is to fill in the rest and let it cook until the batter bubbles. When it's ready to your liking go and ahead and give it a flip! It's goofy, but fun! Hmmm, maybe a series of dog pancakes is in my future?