Doggy Dock - Would You or Wouldn't You?

I recently uploaded this picture to Instagram and asked my fellow followers if they would use this Doggy Docking station that I saw at Trader Joes. I wasn’t surprised to find out that most people said “no” to tethering their pets outside a store. Not to say that this particular Doggy Dock isn’t designed well, in fact I would have to say that I can appreciate the amount of time that went into the design and the construction of this station.

Let’s break it down (because that’s what us designers looove to do). The construction is sound, there is shade and shelter for your dog against the elements, there are two bowls of fresh water, and it appears that you can tie your dog down to the handles on the deck. Now how many stores offer a great place for your dog to hang out while you shop? I give them an A+ for innovation and an eye catching design. The cons? Your dog is tied up outside unattended. Anyone could walk up to your dog and pet it or antagonize him/her. Lastly, and most importantly, your dog could be stolen quite easily. Now there are products like the Goldielock that lets you literally lock your dog up, but I think the basic question is this: “Would you leave your dog outside unattended?”

I will admit that I’ve left Foyle at the front of a store on a down stay within my sight, but I haven’t left them completely alone. I’ll also admit that I’ve gone up to dogs tied up outside stores, but really how can you resist when they have a GoPro video mount on their dog backpack? I had to know how the owner did that and later found out that he takes his dog rock climbing. Get out!

So, I’m curious. Would you leave your dog alone outside a store?