Snackerday - Dig Them Bones

In honor of our upcoming holiday I decided that this Snackerday treat was going to consist of some type of bone to keep up with the spirit (no pun intended) of the month. I’ve had these Redbarn White Bones for a while now so I thought I would fill them up for a nice cool treat later on this afternoon. The best part about this treat is that you know exactly what is going into them and you can make the filler organic or just use up what you have available in your kitchen.

I was able to find apple sauce, yogurt, Charlee Bears, and peanut butter in my kitchen so that’s what I used, but feel free to change it up depending on your dogs’ nutritional needs. I started off with the peanut butter to form a “cork” on the bottom to keep all the other ingredients in then just started filling the bones up

Here’s the finished product! All ready to go into the freezer, but if you want to give them the treat without freezing them first then by all means, have at it! Just remember to use bones that have not been cooked due to splintering and have been thoroughly cleaned, or a prepared bone like Redbarn.

Don’t forget to let your dog lick the spoon…unless you did it first! 

As always, please talk to your veterinarian before feeding your dog new or home made treats. Some dogs have specific dietary needs and the ingredients that I’ve shown above may not be appropriate due to allergies or dietary restrictions.