Fear Cannot Be Without Hope...

Fear cannot be without hope nor hope without fear - Baruch Spinoza 

This quote seemed fitting for tonight as I sit here watching Foyle sleep and wonder how much longer I will have him in my life. Sounds morbid I know but I’ve been hoping that we would be able to extend his life for at least a few more years and he had been doing so well that I was under the illusion that we would. Well, this week was a wake up call to shake me and make me realize that he is more fragile than I want to admit and that he breaks easily. Sunday afternoon he “broke”. After a short hike we came home and only an hour later he was limping so badly he could barely walk. I thought that he had just tweaked his back again but two days later he still wasn’t able to walk and was in quite a bit of pain so we took him into the ER to find out that he had ruptured his meniscus, hurt his back, and his kidney creatinine levels have increased. Triple whammy. 

Luckily I have an excellent veterinarian team and after he was adjusted, tested, poked and prodded by no less than four veterinarian specialists he was finally able to walk on his own more comfortably. What a relief! He’s somewhat of a superstar patient so everyone came to our room to see him! He has that effect on people, you just can’t resist him!

So, we keep up hope that he will be with us a little longer and start off on a new direction with his kidney and pain management. SubQ fluids for a week, more medication and acupuncture and we’ll see where he is in another week. I can’t help but hope that we can get his kidneys levels lower, but I know it is the progression of the disease and that’s the hardest part to accept. But how much is too much? How far is too far? That is a very personal and difficult decision and one that I dread, and one I think most dog lovers have had to make with a sick pet. For now every day is a good day that he is with us and I have to cherish it and keep him happy and as comfortable as possible. Not yet my friend….not yet.

If you are going through a similar situation with a sick pet and don’t know what to do a great book to read is Speaking For Spot by Dr. Nancy Kay. She breaks down questions regarding health care, quality of life and financial ramifications related to pet care so it is easier for you to make a sound decision and do what is best for your pet. I highly recommend it!