Bucket Babe- At The Dog Park

Dog Park


Bucket Babe is back just in time for a walk at the dog park! Now that it is getting cooler you no longer need to fear layering up so you have enough pockets to carry your treats, leashes, phone, camera…. (jeez, do I really carry that much to the dog park?). Both you and your dog will be more comfortable with the cooler weather, and if you live in the Bay area like we do the temperature can vary up to 15-20 degrees between cities so you never know if 5 miles down the road it is going to be hot or cold.  These layers will keep you comfortable and hip and if you don’t need your jacket then toss it in your bag for later when you grab a cup of coffee with your dog park friends. Let’s be realistic too- you aren’t going to wear your designer boots to the park so pull on those tennis shoes after work and blow off some steam with your 4-legged friend!