Ernie Turns 15! It's a Party!

We hit a milestone last week when Ernie turned 15 years old! 15 already? Really? Well happy birthday to our old dachshund and we are so happy that you are still with us and barking up a storm every night for your 8:00 treat. Ernie is the softest, sweetest dachshund that loves everyone and is always up for trotting along with you while you are shopping. For the past 11 years (we adopted him when he was 4) he’s snuggled up between us every night and kept us warm. Now he’s a little hard of hearing and can’t see as well but the nose still works perfectly as a hound nose should.

As a special treat I took him to Holistic Hound in Berkeley and picked out some of his favorite snacks and then headed over to Love At First Bite for some delicious lemon kiss cupcakes which Ernie had no trouble taking part in as you can see!