National Slobber Appreciation Day - Or Every Day?

It’s a fact of life, really it is. Some Newfoundland dogs slobber and some, like Foyle, slobber a lot. It’s on the walls, the ceiling, the tv, my computer, my clothes, and the dachshunds if they happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. So we are happy to join My Brown Newfies in National Slobber Appreciation Day, which was actually last Friday, or as we here at NewfandHound are calling it: Slobber Appreciation Every Day. For more of the facts on slobber please see My Brown Newfies for the details because if you can’t handle some spit then you shouldn’t own our breed!

We can’t get mad at it because it is part of our breed and we knew that going in, but you can make fun of it so we’ve developed a rating system that goes like this: 

  • 1 point = one line of drool
  • 2-5 points = one line of drool and length of drool
  • 5-7 points = two lines of drool, length without breaking, and connection point
  • 7-10 points = two or more lines of drool including a wrap around
  • extra points are given for difficulty, placement of throw or shake, and number of wrap arounds
  • points taken away if we are hit, i.e. There’s Something About Mary style


So how do we remedy the situation? Why very stylishly of course with these durable and lovely bibs! Oh, and several towels that are slowly taking over the decor of our house. But hey, it’s worth having a white streak on your brand new black pants to have a Newfoundland!