Quick Gift - Photo Transfer Onto Wood

I’ve been seeing these photo transfer projects all over the blog world lately and I finally gave it a shot last night with two of my favorite Instagram pictures. The top right picture was one of NewfandHound at the beach on an incredibly windy day, and the bottom right picture was one of Nooner when she was chasing squirrels at the Marina. You can complete the project in only four steps so it’s a great way to make multiple last-minute gifts for a friend or even get your kids involved and use them as ornaments. It’s a nice way to display your sentimental photos and each block was less than $1.00 so making multiples won’t break the bank. 

All you need is a laser printer, wood blocks, Mod Podge, and a brush! 

  1. Step 1- print out your photo onto thin paper with a laser printer. Flip your photo horizontally because it will print in reverse otherwise like mine did. (which is ok, I didn’t mind) Size your photo to fit on the wood block.
  2. Step 2- put a thin layer of Mod Podge on the block.
  3. Step 3- place your photo, print side down, centered, on the block and rub flat so the entire photo is in contact with the wood.
  4. Step 4- let dry 8 hours minimum.
  5. Step 5- take a damp sponge and wet the piece of paper until it starts to peel off. Lightly scrub off the paper until the photo is revealed.
  6. Step 6- put another layer of Mod Podge on the top to seal the piece.

Done! I’m going to make a few more and put them up above our dog bowls. If you try this out send me a picture, I’d like to see what you did too!

Here are a few links that walk through the process with pictures: