Black and White Sunday - Week 20


“Waiting for Santa” 

This is Black and White Sunday #20! Thank you to our hosts: You Did What With Your Weiner, My Life In Blog Years, and Dachshund Nola for leading this incredibly fun blog hop! Just click on one of their amazing blogs for more information on how to join the hop!  

My house is very dark, even during the summer, and tonight I had even more of a challenge than normal since it has been overcast and raining all day long which made indoor shots almost impossible for me. So, I’ve been looking up a few tutorials to help adjust the settings on my camera and how to get the best out of the light that I do have available. Here are some good ones to read:

  1. A Beginner’s Guide To Shooting In Low Light by Photo Tuts+
  2. Low Light Photography Tips (nice infographic here) at SnapBlog
  3. How to Take Sharp Photos In Low Light Without a Flash by Learning The Light