Pet Blogger Gift Exchange- Hey...It's Jet Here

We are joining Something Waggin This Way Comes’ Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange and I know this is a bit late but I’ve been spending a lot of time over at the Hey…It’s Jet Here site over the past week laughing and nodding my head in agreement at all the mischiefs and antics going on at Jet and JJ’s house! Actually, I think we were meant to be paired up together for the gift exchange because the day before we received the email I saw Jet on the Black and White Sunday hop and noticed that we both did a review of chicken treats for our blogs! It’s kizmit! Hey, I even think that Jet has a little Newfie in him, don’t you? Just look at that hair!

I have to say that I am really impressed by the dog blog community that Jet and JJ are a part of and all the blog hops that they participate in together. Monday Mischief, Wordless Wednesday, Tasty Tuesday….and many more- where do they find the time? Now I know why they win awards such as The Next Big Thing and The Blog Of The Year from My Pawsitively Pets! They post frequently so you always know what’s going on in their part of the dog world, even if it is the cone of shame day. Bummer Jet, hope you get better soon! 

Here are the highlights that Jet and JJ bring to you almost every day: 

  • Strong sense of community and togetherness on the blog and I really admire the dedication it takes to post almost every day. They do such a good job at staying on top of what is happening in the dog world and with their friends that it is inspiring. Plus, they know everyone and have links through to other dog blogs. Ya!
  • Posting about the good, the bad, and the ugly because that is what life really entails (we completely sympathize with the loss of a good pair of shoes…don’t we Hazel? Hazel has an Italian shoe fetish).
  • Volunteer work at the Miami Children’s Hospital with Koko. So nice to see that our dogs can brighten the day of a child that could really use a smile and a warm paw.
  • Supporting rescue and bringing awareness to animal issues.
  • Alter ego as The Kitchen Counselor! Great tips and advice on how to make your kitchen and what you eat better and healthier. Perfect time to check this blog out, huh?
  • Tasty Tuesday isn’t just for dogs it is for humans too! Ya! Great recipes to try out!

So head on over and say “hi” to Jet and JJ and the crew at Hey…It’s Jet Here! Paws up!