Happy Birthday Foyle!

Guess who turned 4 years old?! 

Foyle turned 4 yesterday so we decided to celebrate this morning by going over to the Marin Country Mart to share a cinnamon roll from Rustic Bakery. He was in heaven with all the people stopping by to say “hi” and “happy birthday”. It’s so much fun to see a big smile on people’s faces when they see him because of his size and his sweet face, but really I don’t even recognize how big he is anymore until someone else makes a comment. Newfoundlands seem to attract people like bees to honey, they just swarm around him! He loves every minute of it and if you will let him he will swing his back end around and give you a big “butt hug” as we like to call it. He adores the attention and eats it up as long as he can. 

But this birthday is extra special because we know our time with him is limited and we’re happy for every day that he feels good and wants to go for a walk or for a car ride. Having a dog with chronic kidney failure has been more than challenging but Foyle is proof that a well rounded and well thought out treatment plan means that your dog can live a bit longer and more comfortable. He’s actually lived three years longer than they said he would so we know that every day with him is a great day and we’ll be there for him as long as possible. He’s brought so many wonderful people into our lives and made us laugh so hard that there are no regrets. Here’s hoping that we can see him turn 5 next year!