Tilden Park - Sea View / Quarry Trail Hike

2012-02-17 Quarry Trail 7

There's nothing better on a day off then to get out of "town" and head for the hills. One of my resolutions was to try out new trails in Tilden Park and to get back out into nature where I can relax and enjoy some down time with the dogs. This weekend we tried a short portion of the trail that splits between Sea View and the Quarry Trail that connects up to the Big Springs trail.

2012-02-17 Quarry Trail 6

The trail is a bit steeper than I thought and I think I will leave early in the morning next time I take Foyle because there isn't much shade to walk in. But all the dogs had a great time zipping back and forth trying to catch a sniff of every animal that had crossed the path. The hounds did well on the hills and it was great exercise to strengthen Foyle's legs and core. For the most part the crew sticks together so it makes hiking fun, and the "wait" command definitely comes in handy when Hazel starts to wander off on a new track.

2012-02-17 Quarry Trail 1

The trail is nice and wide and the views get better and better the higher you climb. The best part is that we only met one other person on the trail so it was nice and secluded, but I'm sure it's much busier on the weekends.

2012-02-17 Quarry Trail 4

Here's the crew heading back to the car. Now that we're going to be on the trails I need to make sure to send in the application for a Dog Permit which is required in the East Bay Park System if you walk more than three dogs at a time. Need to keep a positive face for the dog population!