NewfandHound Meets Mr. Chewy!

2012-02-18 Mr Chewy 6

Mr. Chewy has arrived! A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to get an email from Mr. Chewy asking us if we would check out Mr. and let everyone in the blog world know how we liked them. Well, boy did we like them!

2012-02-18 Mr Chewy 2

If you go on over and look at their website they have over 70 brands of treats and food, everything that we typically get at our local dog stores and then some! The website is easy to navigate and when I tried out their live chat I was able to get someone on-line in less than 10 seconds! I really liked the fact that you could see the ingredient list since we have to make sure Foyle's treats are low in protein.The bonus is that they are typically $2.00 less than the big box stores! Not only was ordering seamless but Mr. Chewy sent us a confirmation email and another email when the package was mailed!

2012-02-18 Mr Chewy 3

Mr. Chewy isn't just a place to get treats and prescription food, they also have a generous referal program. If you refer your friends they will get 10% off their first order and Mr. Chewy will donate $10 for each friend that orders to animal charities. Now that is worth ordering from them right there! Also, if you order $49 or more then shipping is free! Can't beat that.

2012-02-18 Mr Chewy 5

Although we truly appreciate Mr. Chewy sponsoring this post and we loooove the box of treats we ordered the dogs have decided, in unison, to donate their order to Newfoundland Health & Rescue. We've seen the condition that Newfoundlands are in (and dachshunds for that matter) when they first come into rescue and they need all the love, treats, and special care they can get! So, we're going to package them back up and make sure they are in good hands! Thank you Mr. Chewy, you have a paws up from NewfandHound!