Pictures With Mary Small Photography

2012-02-03 Ernie Orange 1 2012-02-03 Ernie Orange 4

I'm very excited because we recently received a gift certificate from Foyle's physical therapist for a session with the photographer Mary Small in Sausalito! If you walk into the therapy building of Animal Wellness Center in San Rafael then you'll see her beautiful photographs of dogs that were taken in her studio. Luckily all four dogs get to have their pictures taken, but since they are black it's always hard to get good contrast between them and between us. So, not only will they be groomed and primped but I get to do some much needed primping of my own! Ya! Sounds easy huh? Not for me, the clothes need to look good in color and black and white, and contrast with the dogs which leaves me baffled. Ernie went shopping with me today and so far his favorite was the sparkly orange Van shoes

So, tonight I went to Polyvore to put a few things together that might work and here's what I have so far, but if you have any other suggestions of colors that work best with black and white/tan dogs let me know!

Pictures With the Dogs - Orange Set by hazelnut3 featuring knee length denim skirts

Pictures With the Dogs - Orange Set