A Day At The Bay Area Pet Expo

2012-02-0 ROK Strap Lead 1

Last Saturday I went down to San Jose to take in the Bay Area Pet Expo with Foyle and I couldn't believe how crowded it was! Seriously, I really didn't think that there would be so many people and so many dogs but we braved waiting in line to get into the parking lot and it was worth it! There was an impressive amount of vendors to look at, but my favorite product was this new leash brought over from the U.K. The Rok Strap is really worth getting if you have a Newfoundland! You can get it in a 3' or a 6' length, it has thick, durable webbing with a padded handle at the top that makes pulling so much easier on your hands. (not that Foyle pulls or anything...ha,ha) The middle section stretches to relieve the tension and shock from sudden jerks for both you and your dog.

2012-02-05 ROK Strap Lead short

The best part about this leash is that it has an additional loop near the clip so that you can essentially shorten the lead and hold on tight when you need to. I found that this came in handy so many times as I maneuvered through the crowds and around other dogs. This lead definitely feels substantial in your hands! I haven't been able to find a store in the U.S. that sells it yet but I've contacted the distributor to see if I can get my hands on more of them for the club.

2012-02-04 Pet Expo

One of Foyle's highlights was meeting this sweet Dogue De Bordeaux puppy who was everything an adorable puppy should be, but a little camera shy. Take a look at those paws! I thought Newfie puppy paws were big, but hers were huge!

2012-02-04 Dog Trekker

Of course we had to stop by the DogTrekker booth! They are amazing and have the most comprehensive lists about fun things to do with your dog in the Bay area! Please sign up for their newsletter!

Overall the Pet Expo was a lot of fun but I'm not sure I'd bring a dog with me next year. It was a little hard to keep an eye on your dog and talk to people and look at products at the same time. Foyle was soooo irresistible, of course, that it took us a while to get through the crowds but he had such a good time saying hi to everyone and giving lots of butt hugs! Next year I think I'll bring a sidekick to help out.