Please Put The Candy Cane Back

2012-02-25 Candy Cane door

"Just move the candy cane out of the way." It's a frequent statement we make when people come over to our house because at some point they'll have to use the bathroom and will come across the scene above. A toy candy cane and dirty paw prints on the bathroom floor! You would think that between an Architect and a Landscape Architect we would have enough design experience and imagination to come up with a better solution to keep Foyle from locking himself in the bathroom but we haven't yet. When he was a puppy we put a magnetic door stopper and that seemed to work just fine, but as he grew he learned how to push the door closed to get the maximum tile space to keep himself cool.

2012-02-25 Candy Cane Door 3

So, after coming home a few times to find that he shut the door completely we devised the candy cane solution. Not pretty by any means but it does the least it did until last month. Foyle has started to kick the candy cane out every now and then and proceeds to lock himself in, again. So, we're off to Home Depot to see if we can come up with a better solution. Mine was to install a dog door in the bathroom door (don't laugh, another blog post coming up on that solution) or just close the door all together. That seems like a no-brainer but the rest of the house gets too hot and because of the kidneys we need to make sure he stays as cool as possible and the best place is the bathroom.

How about you? Any suggestions? It needs to be removable so someone can actually use the bathroom and close the door. (Portable air conditioner is on the wish list for this summer!)