Nooner's PetQR Tag Winner!

2012-03-18 Nooners Flip copy 1012-03-18 Nooners Flip 2
2012-03-18 Nooners Winner 2012-03-18 Tails

And the winner is......coin please......Lisa! Ok, since we only had two people leave comments (and I really appreciate both of you entering my first contest!) we decided to flip a coin. Jinnie was heads and Lisa was tails and as you can see in the picture above it came up tails. But, since there were two sweet people who took the time to enter I'm going to give both of you an extra prize! I have an OllyDog treat bag plus for Jinnie and along with Lisa's PetQR tag an OllyDog Pick-Up bag as well! Congratulations! See, it's fun to enter contests because you never know what will happen!