My Dachshund Love Hog

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Is your Dachshund a love hog? Mine are pretty aloof when it comes to needing attention except for Nooner, she is the "worst" love hog of them all which is strange because she is the shiest dog! She has a ritual that goes like this:

1. You walk in the house and she loses her little mind thinking you are the best thing on earth and she is so lucky that you have returned to her. Your ego is inflated for the rest of the day.

2. The minute you sit down she climbs up into your lap to put her head right on your mouth to start grunting and rubbing. Her head is literally on your mouth and over your nose so you can't breathe. It's like she's checking to make sure you are still alive and if not is completely prepared to give you CPR. Once she deems you part of the living she proceeds to grunt and rub her face on yours.

3. Now that you are alive and paying attention to her she flips over onto her back to get her tummy rubbed and if you stop she gives you a look like the one above. "What? Why? I will stare at you and bring you down with the jedi mind trick."

4. Then she'll give you the sweetest little licks, right on the mouth which I think is a bit gross at times considering where it's been, to say thank you. If you're about to go to bed she'll roll over and immediately start to snore as loud as Foyle. Right in your ear. Ok, I'm exaggerating because the Newfoundland can shake the house, but she's loud for a 10lb dog!

Does your dog have a daily ritual that you can swear by?