A NewfandHound Beach Day in March?!

2012-03-04 GG Beach 1

Is this really March weather? I think I actually have a sunburn from playing around at the beach today with NewfandHound, and considering it was at least 74 degrees out it isn't any wonder. Everyone was in need of a bath and if the weather is nice that usually means beach day! Nothing like getting as dirty as possible before getting bathed. Here's Foyle preparing for his calendar shot with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background!

2012-03-04 GG Beach Buddy
If you head out early enough you can avoid the crowds and have enough space to run and play without getting entangled in a pack. Today was our lucky day because we found some great people to hang out with and polite dogs that just wanted to have a good time. Foyle loved this sweet, calm puppy and she was the only one the hounds didn't bark at. Yes, we were the bad guys today or I should say that Nooner was the bad girl. She has some confidence issues and barks at dogs running by so we put our training to the test and redirected her with treats. It's embarrassing but we keep working at it every chance we get.

2012-03-04 GG Beach Day 2

The beach is the one place where I Hazel will actually "smile" because she's having so much fun. Here's her "model shot" where her hair is floating in the wind and she's running along the shore. Baywatch, here she comes! She's not afraid of going in the water and has every intention of following Foyle in, but then hangs back when a wave comes in a bit too close to her. You can hear her saying "Oh, hey, I wasn't expecting that to happen!"

2012-03-04 GG Beach Day 6
And then there was Annie! The minute Foyle saw Annie with her white bumper he knew she was a dream come true; a black lab mix that wasn't afraid to get wet and loved to play short games of chase! Foyle hasn't played with another dog for over 2 years so today was pure ecstasy on his part and a sense of relief on my part. It's been hard for us to judge when his legs have been strong enough to increase his activity, but this past month has been such an incredible improvement that we felt it was ok for him to go full board.

2012-03-04 GG Beach Day 5

Then there was the stare off. Both dogs just standing there, staring. You could tell Foyle wasn't exactly sure if he should go for the ball or not, but the other dog wasn't making a move....he was just staring. Odd.

Overall the crew had an eventful morning and thanks to their after beach baths everyone is nice and clean. The hounds are in their bed and Foyle is now happily snoring beside my chair, exhausted from a morning of fun and the best part is that he is not limping! That sigh you just heard was my own relief!