The Hounds Go Around!

Hounds Go Round

I've been playing around with the 8mm app on my phone which gives you a nice vintage look and I've been able to capture a few funny moments with the dachshunds as they play around with each other! I've noticed that this breed does a lot of butt bumping when they get going which cracks us up so look for Ernie's big slam against Hazel! My dachshunds don't play too often but when they do it's hilarious and typically Nooner is the one that is the instigator. No ear is safe when Nooner wants to play and unfortunately Hazel usually gets a beating. 

Excuse the quality of the video though, apparently it looks better on your phone than it does enlarged. Plus the fact that Nooner nailed me in the head didn't help because after that I lost a bit of focus. Anyway, happy Monday!