Petchitecture 17! 2012 Preview - PAWS in San Francisco


We get a sneak preview of one of the designs from the 2012 PAWS Petchitecture 17 event! It helps that my husband works for William Duff Architects who is one of 7 designers this year, so we have an inside scoop on Pug Wine's habitat! They had a photo shoot with local photographer Michael Tedesco who donated his time and expertise to take amazing pictures of all the habitats on Sunday. Here are some behind the scenes pictures to show just how crazy it was trying to get the pugs to sit still for Michael!

2012-04-15-Petch-2 2012-04-15-Petch-3

Petchitecture is PAWS SF's main yearly fundraiser, and is highlighted by the creation of pet 'habitats' by leading Bay Area Architects and Designers. This is the third design by William Duff Architects for this event!


PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) is a non-profit organization that assists people with terminal diseases with their pet costs, recognizing that pets have a valuable role in the well being of their owners.

This year, our patron is the owner of Pug Wine, so we thought using a wine barrel to create the habitat would be perfect.  Instead of just sawing it in half (which has been done), we decided to make it a bit more cosy, with the opening in front and see through paw cutouts on the end panels. The square sign on top is a replication of a Pug Wine label.  The stopper on the very top, is used as a treat drop. The cushion is by George (they were the only store locally that we could find a small round cushion that would fit. The owner of George was also a past board member of PAWS).

The habitats will all be on display at Room and Board in San Francisco for about 3 weeks, and then will be presented to the patrons at the gala fundraiser at the Palace Hotel on the 11th of May. Come and meet NewfandHound next Thursday, the 26th, at Room and Board! (just look for Foyle, the Newfoundland, and Hazel, the Dachshund!) We'll be there supporting the pugs and all the generous architectural firms who donated their talent and time for PAWS!

Wm Duff pugs in barrel 1

(image and copyright by Michael Tedesco)