Happy Easter! Getting Ready To Find The EB!

Ernie Friday

Ernie is so excited that it is Friday! For a 14 year old he still has some oomph in his step and gets the dachshund "crazies" every once in a while like he did in this picture. But this Friday is special because he gets to go to his favorite bunny tracking grounds to look for the Easter Bunny!

The whole crew is going up and I can't wait to see the dachshunds work the fields; Nooner has never been tracking so I'm sure she'll pick up a few tricks from Hazel who is very methodical about finding scent. She's much faster in the field than she was in her nosework classes and after seeing what she can do with squirrels at the marina I'm excited to get her on a bunny trail. Now where did I put her tracking collar?

Foyle gets to go along for the ride and to hook up with his buddies Zachary, Viggo, Sea, and Gabe too! Newfie playdate! More pictures to come....Happy Easter!