Tally Ho! The Big EB Hunt!


Well, we gave it a shot today and went out to look for bunnies on this very special bunny day but we did not see any. Hazel was very determined from the minute she got out of the car, practically pulling us out towards the fields! As you can see she thoroughly enjoyed her hunt and managed to get as dirty as possible to prove that she is a worthy tracker and that nothing will stop her. (Just for clarification we do not hunt or intend to hurt any rabbit, we do scent tracking only.)


We went up to Lagoon Valley Park in Vacaville which has acres of trails and open space to walk your dog. So we looked in the tall grass, in the low lying fields, and on the trails but we couldn't find a bunny. We did find lots of other animals to track apparently because Hazel's nose was swinging left and right as fast as she could to catch up scent and she even did a few nice checks in the field! It was so much fun to see her in action again. She hasn't been to a trial for years but I think this is a good goal to work towards for the fall. 


She even checked out Gabe's cart to see if anything could have possible scrambled up in it during our walk!


We brought along two more big guns, Viggo and Gabe, to help out with the search. Foyle thought that the more backup Hazel had the better off she would be; and we could make Gabe bring the bunny home in the cart! So, we took a few spins around the park to give Gabe some more practice carting and to enjoy the nice day outside but alas we did not find even one bunny. Maybe next year.