Now That Is Just Coconuts

  2012-05-16 Coconut 2

There are days when you think you know your Newfoundland, and then there are the coconut days! Well last week was one of those days when Foyle surprised me by running after a coconut that I had found on the beach. I've tried a Kong Wubba, a Katie's Bumper Sqwuggie, and several other toys which were left slowly floating away in the ocean as Foyle stood there looking at me saying "You expect me to go in there and get that stupid toy?" Then he would just sit there as I went knee deep into the ocean to get it myself or else coerced another dog into getting it for me. It was that or either lose yet another toy. Nothing has sparked enough interest in him to retrieve an object out of the water except for a darn coconut.

Photo 52012-05-16 Coconut 3

Now this was especially funny to me because Foyle has never gotten the Newfie memo that he is supposed to retrieve objects in the water! Seriously, I think he's gone after a bumper a total of 3 times in his life and since we stopped water training because of the TPLO surgeries I haven't practiced with him enough to reinforce the task. (although he will come and save me if I pretend to drown in the water so at least I know the instinct is there!) So to see him running into the waves to get it, then start batting the coconut back and forth in the water, then spinning around to see that it had bobbed back up behind him was hilarious. He was having so much fun...with a coconut! Who knew?

2012-05-16 Coconut

Now I have several coconuts loaded in my backpack for special beach days. People must think I am nuts, pun intended, when they see me pull one out and throw it in the water. What's the one toy that your dog plays with that has surprised you the most?