Petchitecture Preview Party



Last Thursday we took Hazel and Foyle to the Petchitecture 2012 preview party at the very dreamy furniture store, Room & Board. It was exciting to finally be able to see what the other architectural firms had designed for their pet habitat, especially after seeing all the hard work and time William Duff Architects put into their design. As we walked around the store admiring the habitats I became more and more determined to find a new couch to replace the one that Foyle, oh so lovingly, chewed up as a puppy! So we tried out a few "bedroom" scenarios and I think I liked the top one the best, although an off-white couch isn't going to cut it in our house. (ya, I see all you Newfie/dog owners shaking your heads in agreement!)

201205022 201205025

I was absolutely mesmerized by these two habitats, the one on the left created by The Kuzma-Rodevad's team was painstakingly formed in layers and carved by hand, then disassembled and glued together and smoothed out. I wanted to crawl in there myself it was so nice! The habitat on the right by MBHarch's team was similar in the use of layers but fanned out to create a notched section on the top to hold drinks, etc. There was so much to discover on this habitat, everywhere you looked was a well thought out element of the design. What you can't see in the picture is the custom coasters they made with a dog printed on them! It also came with a miniature version for your friendly little feline...or Hazel!


But the real reason we went to the party (besides supporting the wonderful PAWS organization of course!) was to see William Duff Architect's Pug Barrel! This is the design that Ray worked on and it turned out to be just what their sponsor wanted! I personally like the paw cut-outs on the side and I really hope the fact that Foyle drooled all over the bed doesn't deter the pugs from enjoying their new hang-out! (sorry, really!)

201205026 201205027

Foyle made new friends and soaked up all the loving that he could get in one night! (Hazel spent the night chillaxin with her dad.) But Foyle's so much fun to take out in public because he loves to meet new people and drool all over expensive furniture! Seriously, it took all my power not to get kicked out! Luckily we were introduced to washable wool! Swoon!

Also, every time you go out in public you end up answering the same questions over and over and that night I had to smile because earlier in the week I read MyBrown Newfie's article 5 Ridiculously Silly Things People Say While Walking My Dog. You can only answer the bear comment so many times. Now doesn't he look handsome next to this chair?