NewfandHound Solutes Our Soldiers, K-9 and Human!

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NewfandHound would like to celebrate and honor all the soldiers who are serving and who have served for our country, K-9 soldiers included! Please take a few moments with us to thank all the men, women, and dogs who's bravery keeps our freedom alive and who's courage and valor freed others.


We recently took a trip to Washington D.C. which was more poignant and personal especially with Memorial Day around the corner. Walking the mall early in the morning gave me a chance to reflect and see the memorials in a private way, letting all the history and stories sink deep inside. The one memorial that humbled me the most was the National World War II Memorial. My dad was a Sargent Major in WWII where he received a bronze star in 1945 for ground operations. I remember the stories that he told of concentration camp prisoners not knowing what to do when the were freed, him eating raw potatoes and hiding in the bins, 16 year old boys who managed to sign up only to be killed their first day in battle. That bothered him the most I think, maybe because he was only 19 when he signed up. Today I found my dad's name in the website's registry and I'm proud to see it there. Thank you dad and paws up high from all of us here at NewfandHound!