Snackerday! Pineapple Puppysicles


It's starting to get hot outside so today I thought I'd cool it down a bit by making some Pineapple Puppysicles for the dogs to chew on. We used to get Frosty Paws as a treat but this is even easier and if you use a fresh pineapple it can't get any healthier for your pup! Plus with only two ingredients it can't get any easier for you either.

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It's so good that you will want to chew on a few of them yourself!


All you need to do is throw fresh pineapple in a blender with a cup or two of water depending on how thick you want your pops and blend. You can always add in more fruit, yogurt, or some oatmeal to make it more interesting but since Foyle only likes pineapple that's all I used. I once saw on It's Me Or The Dog that pineapple is also good for preventing dogs from coprophagia, which Ernie does frequently, so we're hoping that this will work as a preventative.


Foyle already ate half a tray today, so make a few trays at a time. It goes fast!