Heading Out to The Marin Headlands

2012-06-08 GG Bridge 3

Last Friday was one of those rare mornings when the Golden Gate Bridge was not cloaked in fog early in the morning so I piled all the dogs into the car to head out on a short road trip over to the Marin Headlands. Our first stop was Battery Spencer overlooking the bridge and the Pacific Ocean. The post has been there since 1897 and housed three M1888 12" breech loading rifles which after seeing some of the pictures looks like Foyle could actually fit in the barrel they were so big. It was a beautiful morning void of tourists so the hike up was nice and peaceful and we were able to take our time looking through all the buildings.

2012-06-08 GG Bridge 2.

2012-06-10 Battery Spencer

The dogs had fun sniffing around open doors and tracking the fox that we saw slink up the hillside earlier. Dogs must be kept on leash though, the drop off beyond the ropes is extreme! Yikes!

2012-06-08 GG Bridge 5

2012-06-08 GG Bridge 6

After the Battery we moved out and headed down to Fort Baker to enjoy some time at Rodeo Beach! This beach is dog heaven and as soon as we can head back there we will because it is amazing. From the parking lot you cross a bridge over the lagoon (where you need to be careful not to let your dog disturb the habitat), but then the beach opens up and you are free to run and swim! There is plenty of room to run off leash and play without disturbing other people and if the waves are right you'll see a swarm of surfers at the northern end trying to catch a wave.

2012-06-08 GG Bridge 7

The hounds ripped through the sand while Foyle tried to keep up with them, their little legs zipped under him and then they were off again. Unfortunately our short road trip was cut even shorter when Foyle started limping. It broke my heart that he couldn't enjoy his beach time so I promised him that we'd come back soon and we all piled back into the van to head home. Luckily we got a quick adjustment on Saturday and he is back to his old self again, ready to take on the waves.

2012-06-08 GG Bridge 8

"I'll be back!"