NewfandHound on Instagram!

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Hi to all of our Instagram followers! NewfandHound has been on Instagram (@newfandhound) for a little over a month now and it has been so much fun connecting with other dachshund and newfoundland owners all over the world! I've been going a little...ok a lot...crazy with it because the pictures turn out amazing and there are so many variations and styles that you can use to manipulate photos that you have to keep trying until you find your "look". I love looking at other people's photography styles and I am completely in awe of how beautiful their dogs look, not to mention you get a look into their daily lives. So when you are knee deep in newfie hair or picking up after a dachshund destruction day you know you are not alone!

Here are some of my favorite people so far:

Northwestmommy, nobonesaboutit, qwyjibo, fetchingimages, jlom4, gusdog, little_miss_disaster, steve_olszewski, laurensmithh_, anegerotti, _bigbadbob_, artsybrutus, dotmanvicar, thephotoguy, jameskenosha, robertbotl, rvisby,......and the list goes on and on.

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Have you found a great hashtag to follow? Let me know!

Come on over and join us and get caught up in the lives of NewfandHound!