The Best Father's Day Present - Ever!

Ryka 2

Do you want to know what the best Father's Day gift can be for a dog-dad? A new puppy!! Remember a few weeks ago when we said goodbye to Pia? Well, nothing mends a broken heart like puppy kisses and a big puppy belly and this weekend two hearts melted faster than ice in a dog bowl! Yesterday my sister and my brother-in-law picked out a beautiful GSD puppy! (which I get to meet on Friday! Ya!)

So, we would like to introduce you to little miss Lilo Von Der Lowenmahne. Aka no-name puppy. They are trying to find a strong German name for their new GSD that has two syllables and ends in a vowel. She's not one to run and hide and seems unflappable which will be perfect for the training she is about to embark on, so the name has to reflect strength, courage, tenacity, and be a little feminine on the side. Hmmm, sounds like my sister in a way. Ha! Just kidding sis...

Ryka 3

2012-06-14 GSD Puppy

So, suggestions from the crowd? Do you have a good name for no-name puppy? How did you come up with your dog's name? Ernie already had his name and is one of the reasons we had to go look at him, Hazel is actually short for hazelnut (or Hazelnuthead as we like to call her) because I wanted a fall-themed name, Nooner came from her registered name of Belgate's Afternoon Delight, and Foyle came from the BBC miniseries Foyle's War. Any help will be greatly appreciated! So far we have Vala and Ryka on the list. (Lilo has been nixed already, sorry)

On a side note my sister has been debating whether to fly or to drive no-name back up to Washington. What has your experience been with flying a puppy? Good? Bad? If you flew your puppy did you see any side effects to crate training? Do tell!