Spotted! Kite Dog Flies At The Berkeley Marina!

IMG_1066Marina Dog

Today was one day where an urban legend came to life! I've heard of the flying dog making its appearance at the Berkeley Marina but I haven't seen it yet, until today that is! The kite masters brought in the big dog, pun intended, today for a rare appearance during the Walk Like MADD event.

IMG_1065Marina Dog
We got there just in time for lift off and even though it was windy he didn't make it too far off of the ground. But, he was impressive enough to turn heads and had this magnetic personality that kids, and quite frankly me, couldn't resist! You really do have to get up close just to get an idea of how incredibly large this kite dog really is. It was like seeing the Macy's Day parade in June!

IMG_1058Marina Dog IMG_1061Marina Dog

There was no doubt that we had to have a comparison to see who was the biggest dog on in the park and I think it's obvious who the winner was, but that didn't deter Foyle from the competition. It was a tough call though on who was the cutest at the park but I think Foyle won that one hands down! Foyle lit up when he saw all these people gathering in the parking lot, I swear he thought everyone was there for him as he made his rounds to say "hi" and get his picture taken. He was the dog of the party this morning and he loved every moment of it.