Telecommute With Your Dog Day - Our Version Of Take Your Dog To Work Day

2012-06-22 Dog To Work Day 1

Instead of Take Your Dog To Work Day we are doing a Telecommute With Your Dog Day! I would absolutely love to be able to take one of my dogs to work but unfortunately it isn't really allowed so we decided to join in on the spirit of the day NewfandHound style! We started off the day with a coffee run because who doesn't like coffee first thing to get their day going, and since the shop is within walking distance we couldn't resist. Here is my assistant for the day, Foyle, carrying my bag for me as we head out for a "power meeting", which really means talking to the guys at Catahoulla to decide which roast are we going to pick today.

2012-06-22 Dog To Work Day 3 2012-06-22 Dog To Work Day 5

Back in the office Nooner had a few suggestions for our Pinterest boards because she says I'm a definite candidate for What Not To Wear so I could stand to pin a few more outfits, and that we need more dachshund things in our Gifts For The Dachshund Lover board. I told Nooner that we really shouldn't be wasting time on Pinterest and to let Hazel get to work....after about half an hour of pinning of course! Here's Hazel on the right questioning why I have Foyle's picture up as my wallpaper at work but not her! Busted!

2012-06-22 Dog To Work Day 2 2012-06-22 Dog To Work Day 6

After a few hours Foyle decided that it was time to go on another coffee break, he's a bit of an addict so we're trying to ween him off with half/calf right now. But who can resist coffee from Catahoulla Coffee Co.? I can't! Back at the office we finally finished up a drafting project (after staying up past 1:00 a.m. this morning, thus the need for so much coffee) to make sure we hit our deadline. Hazel decided that my drafting abilities weren't quite up to par according to her standards so she decided to take it upon herself to just terminate my session completely. IT help! A few calls to the job site to make sure drainage is being installed correctly, a check-in with an architect on the east coast, and we are done!

Well, a somewhat productive telecommuting day with the dogs, they are a little bossy and demanding but we made it through the day without getting fired. Work hard, play hard, play hard, pay hard. That's our motto!